Mrs. Celia Galindo: Community Outreach Action Team (COAT) Recipient for 2018

We honored Mrs. Celia Galindo (Grandma Galindo) as our Community Outreach Action Team (COAT) recipient for 2018.  She was nominated by her daughter-in-law, Sylvia Galindo, Kindergarten teacher at Payne Elementary School.

Celia Galindo began volunteering in the fourth grade classroom of her son, Michael Galindo.  When he retired in 2012, Mrs. Galindo began volunteering in Sylvia Galindo's classroom.  She is a fantastic volunteer!  She is wonderful at organizing and record keeping.  She maintains records on classwork and returned homework.  In addition, she maintains a kindergarten memory book for each kindergarten student, which is such a treasured and special memory for each and every one of our families.  Celia enjoys working with the students and is an effective one-on-one tutor for students who are at risk.  One of her favorite things is to play bingo games with the students to help reinforce learned concepts, and when a student earns bingo, she has the student stand and say, "I love kindergarten!"  Mrs. Celia Galindo is 88 years young, and has so much energy to share with the students in my classroom.  The students enjoy her help and lovingly call her "Grandma Galindo."

Thank you for all that you do for our students each day.


Sylvia Galindo and Celia Galindo

(L-R) Laura Gaber, Leticia Urias, Jacquella Payne, Sylvia Galindo, Elena Caballero, Celia Galindo, and Patty Goytia